Sunday, December 16, 2018

2018 Aconcagua Upper Guanacos Expedition - Team 1 (Dec 10 - 31, 2018) - Dispatch 7


Tad McCrea


Jennifer Jolliffe
Shelby Clippard
Michael Abel

From AAI lead guide Tad McCrea:

After our first real rest day, we were prepped for a carry and a day of acclimatization. After breakfast, we loaded up our packs with food and some high mountain supplies. We wove our way up and through moraine and Penitentes to the final steep snow slope leading to Camp 1 (16,400ft). We cached our kit and promptly made our way back to BC (14,000ft) just before the cold winds turned the snow to ice. We enjoyed some hearty shepherds pie for a well-earned dinner. Looks like some more high pressure on the way for some good move days up the mountain this week.

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