Saturday, December 22, 2018

2018 Aconcagua Upper Guanacos Expedition - Team 1 (Dec 10 - 31, 2018) - Dispatch 13


Tad McCrea


Jennifer Jolliffe
Shelby Clippard
Michael Abel

From AAI lead guide Tad McCrea:

We waited till the sun hit our tents today before packing up and taking off for high camp just after 11 am. We moved up with heavy loads and arrived at Camp at 3 pm, 12 hours before we will head up for the summit tomorrow. We are resting and recovering right now biding our time, respecting our calories and carbohydrates. Tomorrow boasts the lowest projected winds yet this season, and they are forecasted to pick up by the end of the 24th. Tomorrow is our day,  and we are ready! We will report back tomorrow evening after our summit bid.

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