Wednesday, December 19, 2018

2018 Aconcagua Upper Guanacos Expedition - Team 1 (Dec 10 - 31, 2018) - Dispatch 10


Tad McCrea


Jennifer Jolliffe
Shelby Clippard
Michael Abel

From AAI lead guide Tad McCrea:

We packed up and carried a cache to Camp 2 (18,000ft). It took us a mere 3 hours, so we took a little nap before returning to Camp 1 (16,400ft) just before the evenings' wind and snow ramped up. The wind is blowing 60mph. We are hunkered down eating cheese and onion pizza, watching the Chapple Show on Netflix. Needless to say, the team is accommodating well to the harsh reality of the high mountains. We will see what tomorrow brings tomorrow!

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