Thursday, June 9, 2011

Denali Team 4: May 22 to June 11 Dispatch #14
Waiting for a Ride

Denali Team 4: May 22 to June 11

Guides: Angela Seidling and Erik Johnson 

Climbers: Llew Gartrell (Australia), Nicholas Durack (UK), Peter Grant (UK), Edward Iglesias (Australia), and Paul Watkins (Australia).

Angela called in with a dispatch at 10:00am on June 9th.

“Hi! This is Angela again, quickly checking-in. We’re all the way down from the mountain, sitting at the airstrip waiting to catch our flight. There’s some low fog but otherwise it’s pretty nice. I’m not sure how long it will be until we get back to Talkeetna but we don’t have a long line, so we should be home soon. Call you soon!”

Angela says Happy Birthday to my Mom.


Ilona Watkins said...

Congratulations again to everyone on reaching the summit and coming back to flat land safely!
Paul, I await your call & picture of you big steak and beverage..
Love and miss you - can't wait to have you home again.. Xo

Liam said...

Hey paul,

Mate, alot happens in four weeks. Looking foward to catching up, we a practically neighbours now!

talk soon.