Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Denali Team 5: May 29 – June 18 Dispatch #8

Denali Team 5: May 29 – June 18
Guides: Forest McBrian, Dustin Byrne, and Kristen Looper

Climbers: David Flux (UK), Mark Aitken (UK), Steve Olivera (Guam), Rishi Patel (UK), Nichola Tuer (UK), and Richard Paul Brooks (Australia).

Forest called at 10:35am on June 8th with this dispatch:

“Hi. I have some quick messages from our climbers:

Ty, Jackie, and Sam: Thanks for the message; everything is OK here. Well done with the sail, Sam. Good luck with the regatta. Love, Richard.

Hi Chris, Good luck in the Cuillens, enjoying myself here. Love, Mark.

Yesterday we saw a man a man running around in nothing blue bikini briefs – so it’s pretty much like beach. - Kristen

We’re going to make a cache today above the fixed lines. It’s sunny, and we’re doing well. There are a lot of people coming down from the fixed lines – I’m sure it will die down soon. I’ve have to go – call you tomorrow!” 

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Kitty Looper said...

Kristen ,
I'm pretty sure that was a careful!

Love ya Susie