Friday, June 3, 2011

Denali Team 5: May 29 – June 18 Dispatch #5 Today’s Cache

Denali Team 5: May 29 – June 18
Guides: Forest McBrian, Dustin Byrne, and Kristen Looper

Climbers: David Flux (UK), Mark Aitken (UK), Steve Olivera (Guam), Rishi Patel (UK), Nichola Tuer (UK), and Richard Paul Brooks (Australia).

Forest called at 4:15 pm on June 3rd with this dispatch:

“Hello! This is Forest calling with yet another dispatch for you all. We had kind of a rough night last night. It was super windy all around Camp 2. We woke this morning to stormy skies, and snow blowing off all the ridges around us. As such, we were delayed for a few hours, but finally got to put in a cache over Motorcycle Hill and just at the base of Squirrel Hill. It wasn’t as productive as we’d hoped, but it’s still progress. That cache is about 1/3 of the way up to the next Camp. But, everyone did so well. They’re handling the cold and harsh conditions really well. The plan for tomorrow is to pick up our cache where we left off and stash it in the normal place, right around 13,500 feet, which is right around Windy Corner. Thanks for the messages. We’ll have to think of a team name by the time I call back.”


Anonymous said...

The pics I have in my hand right now are AWESOME! Please take more. Miss you and hope you all are having fun!

Kris Slentz said...

How about Team High & Mighty? You all rock the tough stuff!
Kris Slentz

Anonymous said...

Your name is not on the climbers list for the Dispatch #5. I am hoping everything is ok and you are still climbing with a teacm. I miss you so much. I love you, Jeff.

Sarah said...

Hey Nic, hope the cold isn't too awful, you probably didn't need to worry about which deoderant to take! Thinking of you, lots of love Sarah &Al xxx

nancy said...

Pleased to hear you are making progress in spite of wind and cold. Sending warm thoughts your way team 5. Stay safe and strong.

helen said...

Hi Nicky,
All sounds awesome. Hope all those layers are keeping you snug and warm. Thinking of you loads! Love Helen, Nigel and the girls x

Karen said...

Dustin, heard from Howell that you were one of the guides in this group. Fantastic. Will be keeping track of the progress from here on out.

Cathryn said...

Hi Nicky,
Sounds like the team is doing a great job - fuelled by some pretty tasty sounding meals! Take care,
Love, Cathryn, Steve and Beth (nearly crawling!)