Thursday, June 9, 2011

Denali Team 6: June 5 to June 25 Dispatch #4
Going to Camp 2

Denali Team 6: June 5 to June 25
Guides: Aidan Loehr, Andrew Yasso, and Erin Smart

Climbers: Simon Thomas Gower (Australia), Richard Van Der Sprenkel (UK), Alan Laidlaw (UK), Anna Koufos-Slade (Virginia), Chok Lin Lui (Australia), Kevin Fourie (South Africa), Luke Richmond (Thailand), and Bill Strycharz (Oregon).

Andrew called at 9:19pm on June 8th with this dispatch:

“This is Andrew calling from Camp 1. We had a wonderful dinner, which was prepped by Erin. We had some pasta with meat and peppers. It was nice to get some fresh food, but we’re running out of fresh veggies, so we’ll have to move onto more packaged meals! Today we got up early around 5:45 am. We had a big day going all the way to Camp 2, and cached everything right at Camp 2 as we planned. Again, this eliminates the need for a back carry. Tomorrow we’ll head back to the same place and spend the night there. After that we’ll put in another cache above us as we move on to Camp 3. Everyone’s feeling strong and looking forwarded to moving up.” 


KellyandJack said...

Sounds like everyone is doing great and the team is really strong! Keep each other safe please! Tell Bill the Bruins tied the series up now 2 games a piece and the Sox are in first place and have spanked the yankees two nights in a row, going for the sweep tonight! We love him and miss him!

Larry said...

(for Anna) Hi Mommy...
Do you think you could stop by rite aid on the way home and get me some lotion? Hehehe just kidding guess what i got a new bike!!! I miss you very much and I love you. Doobers