Monday, June 20, 2011

Denali Team 6: June 5 to June 25 Dispatch #14
Heading down to Camp 3 at 14,200'

Denali Team 6: June 5 to June 25
Guides: Aidan Loehr, Andrew Yasso, and Erin Smart

Climbers: Simon Thomas Gower (Australia), Richard Van Der Sprenkel (UK), Alan Laidlaw (UK), Anna Koufos-Slade (Virginia), Chok Lin Lui (Australia), Kevin Fourie (South Africa), Luke Richmond (Thailand), and Bill Strycharz (Oregon).

Andrew called at 10:51 am Alaska time on Sunday, June 19th:

“Hi this is Andrew for team 6 at High Camp. The plan we described was for Chok, Richard, and me to head up to the summit today, but we woke to high winds.  And there’s now a worse forecast for tomorrow.  So we’re going to head down.  We’ll leave as soon as we can.

It’s even going to be tricky to go down to 14,000 Camp, so the sooner we head out the better.  We should be able to leave by 1:00pm – our team members are a very organized and efficient group!

We may spend the night at 14,000 or we may keep on going to base camp, we’ll just have to see what conditions are like.

Everyone is strong and healthy; it’s just that the weather is not cooperating.

We’ll call you when we know more.  By for now.”


Jeanne said...

You are all warriors! Good job on staying ahead of the weather. Mother nature is a worthy opponent. Stay safe on the climb down. Happy Father's Day to all the dads!

Anna said...

Chok, Richard, you know what this means... Summer 2012!!! Making it to the 17K camp of Denali is indeed a tremendous achievement, and I congratulate you. Descend safely!

Preets said...

Congrats to everyone! Have a safe trip back down. Baby, shame about the weather but I'm still very proud of you, you are da mantis! I can't wait to hear your voice again. Lots of hugs to you!