Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Bolivia Part 1 - July 21 - 27 - Dispatch #3

Alasdair Turner called at 1:20pm PST with the following dispatch: We are hanging out at a lake called Laguna Juricota at about 15,290 feet after a long day. It's an absolutely gorgeous lake. We look up the lake at Condoriri.

Today we passed over two 16,000+ foot passes. It looks like everything is coming together for this trip now. The team is mostly recovering from our bout with illness and we did okay today. We are going to head out to La Paz tomorrow.  Tomorrow we've got a few more miles out of here. We have one more "low pass" to go over just below 16,000 feet. We will finish tomorrow by going down through plaza de mulas to lago tuni.

Today was a good day. It was actually quite a difficult day. The two passes were hard but having had this flu bug really worked us.

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