Monday, July 30, 2012

Bolivia Part 2: July 28 - August 6 - Dispatch #7

Guide: Alasdair Turner

Climbers: Walter & Reis Meanwell (Wisconsin), Robert French (Arizona), Dennis Boyle (Pennsylvania), Neil Rosenberg (Illinois)

Alasdair called in at 9:30 on Monday morning with the following dispatch:

Hey, it's Alasdair here.  It looks like it's my turn with the flu.  There is only 1 person left who hasn't gotten this flu and hopefully he doesn't get it.  Since I can't really move much, I turned my tent into a bird blind and am shooting pictures of birds.  Juan has the group up on the glacier doing some skills.  We can't go up much farther right now because of weather.  There are some pretty high winds and zero visibility. 

Hopefully I feel better this afternoon, and maybe go climb some frozen waterfalls later and then climb something more substantial soon, probably Pyramid Blanca on Wednesday.

On a side note, another group tried to climb Piqueno Alpamayo, but couldn't get to it because of the lack of visibility.  Hopefully we have better luck!

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