Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bolivia Part 2: July 28 - August 6 - Dispatch #8

Guide: Alasdair Turner

Climbers: Walter & Reis Meanwell (Wisconsin), Robert French (Arizona), Dennis Boyle (Pennsylvania), Neil Rosenberg (Illinois)

Alasdair called in at 11:45 on 7/31 with the following dispatch:

Hey this is Alasdair.  The whole group went up to ice climb today, but Robert and I came back early because we felt so bad.  But at least those guys got to get on some ice today. Tomorrow, we're going to send the Meanwells and Neil to climb Pequeño Alpamayo with Juan.  Hopefully I might feel better after that.  Robert's been sick since day two, and neither him nor I are getting much better.  Juan is doing a great job of keeping everyone together and keeping the trip running for the other climbers.

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