Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Bugaboos Climbing - 7/30 - 8/7 - Dispatch #1

Guide: Andrew Yasso

Climber: John Holden Gibson III

Andrew called at 7am PST on 8/1 with the following dispatch: On Monday we drove up the Trans-Canada highway which has to be one of the most beautiful. The highway parallels a river for a few hundred miles. It took us 10 hours to get to the Bugaboos trailhead from Bellingham. We had a luxurious sleep in the back of my truck. Tuesday morning, after wrapping my truck in chicken wire to protect the wires and brake lines from porcupines and critters that like to chew on them, we started with our plan to carry two loads in. We hiked in the gear first then came back and hiked in the food. We hiked in once and stopped in at the Conrad Kain hut and checked in with the area custodian. It’s about 3.5 miles to camp so it was a strenuous 10.5 mile day. We got our second load and then litterally got into our camp about 15 seconds after the rain started. Since we’re basically base camping for the next week we decided to plan on being comfortable so we have have a nice big Hilleberg tent that’s the envy of all the other climbers walking by.

We spared little on the food end too. Last night we made an awesome dinner; burritos with fresh avocado, salsa, and cheese. Last night it was an exciting night of wind, rain, and thunder. Today we are going to attempt crescent spire. It’s one of smaller peaks near camp. It’s still around 700 - 800 feet but it’s about 30 minutes from camp. So, with the potential for afternoon showers again staying close to camp on a route that’s more readily retreated is optimal.

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