Thursday, August 9, 2012

Bolivia Part 3 - 8/8-11 - Dispatch #13

Guide: Alasdair Turner
Clmbers: Wlater and Reis Meanwell (Wisconsin), Neil Rosenberg (Illinois)

Alasdair called at 1:30pm Pacific Time on August 9th.

The team finished mountain climbing and elected to end their trip with a non-mountaineering bang. Today they rode mountain bikes down the Coroico Road, sometimes referred to as "the most dangerous road in the world."

The Coroico road is actually two roads, one of which is "the most dangerous" and the other which is a normal two-lane road. Few cars now travel on the dangerous side of the canyon and so mountain bikers regularly descend the road from a 16,000-foot summit all the way down to a deep jungle at 7,000-feet. And honestly, on a mountain bike it's not that dangerous. It's little more than a logging road cut into the side of a hill.

Alasdair and team descended the road into the jungle and are now in Parucu. They are going to spend the night in tree-houses amongst the monkeys and parrots before returning to La Paz.

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