Monday, August 6, 2012

Bugaboos Climbing - 7/30 - 8/7 - Dispatch #5

Guide: Andrew Yasso

Climber: John Holden Gibson III

Andrew called at 6:14 pm PST on Aug. 5th with the following dispatch: "This is Andrew calling from the bugaboos. There are light fluffy clouds in the skies but primarily it’s blue skies above us. The sun is setting in behind Bugaboo spire and we just had a fantastic day of rock climbing in this gorgeous alpine environment.

We climbed McTech Arete on Crescent Spire today. A three star climb, Holden did awesome and climbed the whole thing. Superb rock climbing in a fantastic alpine setting! We sat on a ledge for little bit and remenisced about our trip. It’s been an absolute blast.

We are sitting here making dinner tonight using up all the rest of our fresh ingredients. Garlic, onion, potatoes, and some vegetable korma (an Indian dish). This will be our last day here. We’ve got some weather coming in, so we’re going to pack up and head back to Bellingham. Then for our last day we’re going to head up to Squamish and “send the gnar as holden said” (reports Andrew laughing).

We’ll just do some more rock climbing and get in as many pitches as possible. We’ve just been having way too much fun. We got some looks today as we rolled into camp today giggling and laughing. I guess we're just giddy from such superb conditions and climbing. Anyway, we’ll see you all soon.

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