Friday, August 3, 2012

Bugaboos Climbing - 7/30 - 8/7 - Dispatch #3

Guide: Andrew Yasso

Climber: John Holden Gibson III

Andrew called in at 3:45 on 8/3 with the following dispatch:

Yesterday we reviewed rock rescue and crevasse rescue techniques and got dialed in on our glacier travel.  We played hide and seek all that day with the weather.  We had an ever-changing mixture of rain, sun, drizzle, snow, and clouds.  We're glad we picked it as a rest day because we woke up today at 6 am to beautiful, clear skies and knew it was going to be an amazing day.

We got geared up and headed towards Pigeon Spire which is up and over the Bugaboo - Snowpatch Col.  As we approached the glacier, the sun was rising perfectly on time and it was a picturesque view.  The West Ridge of Pigeon Spire is an amazing route and we have tons of photos that we can't wait to share.  The experience and the climbing are both awesome.  There were a few other parties on the route but we never felt crowded.  There was even a group of climbers who were staying at a lodge nearby who were helicoptered in to the base of the ridge, climbed the route and then were helicoptered off the summit.  It was crazy to see, and I imagine it was really fun, but I bet we had a better experience than them overall with the beautiful hike in that we got and the amazing scenery!

On the way down we scoped out a possible route on Snowpatch Spire for tomorrow as we continue on our quest to tick off a route on every peak.  For dinner tonight we are looking forward to some thai peanut noodles in our gourmet "Applebee camp."   That's it for now, we'll talk to you again soon!

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