Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Bolivia Part 1: July 21 to July 27 - Dispatch #2

Guide: Alasdair Turner

Climbers: Walter, Stacy & Reis Meanwell (Wisconsin), Robert French (Arizona), Gabrielle Zartman (Arizona), Dennis Boyle (Pennsylvania), Neil Rosenberg (Illinois)

Alasdair called at 10:00 PST on 7/24 with the following dispatch:

Unfortunately, we have been hit with a 36-48 hour flu bug.  We are on the trek, trying to move while dealing with the maladies of this bug, but it has been difficult.  We are headed down to another lake tonight and are looking forward to a nice trout dinner and a calm night.  It feels a bit cooler here this year than it has on previous trips, but we are still enjoying shorts and T-shirts.  Hopefully we will all recover soon, get back on track and be able to enjoy the rest of the trip.  I'll talk to you again soon!

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