Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Denali West Buttress Expedition Team 3 (May 20 - June 9, 2018) Dispatch From May 29


Paul Ivaska
Ian Mceleney
Katlynne Schaumberg


Xiao Han
William Martin
Chase Bradshaw
Joshua Martin
Michael Knittel
Cory Brooks
Kenneth Morand
James Stewart
Ralph Eberts

Team 3 enjoyed a full rest day today at Camp 3 (14,200ft). It has been pretty cold at camp at the team has worked on fortifying camp walls around the tents and properly acclimatizing. With the cache in at 16,200ft, the team simply is waiting for the next best weather window for their move to High Camp (17,300ft). Everything is in position and the waiting game begins. 


Unknown said...

Good luck team 3!

Sending love Jamie (Marie Stewart) x

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping for clear, calm weather and for your continued safety!