Monday, December 27, 2010

Ecuador High Altitude Holiday Expedition: Dispatch 8

Ecuador High Altitude Expedition: 

Dec 17-31, 2010
Climbers: Tim Turay, Kat Lange, Stuart Lowden, Tamsin Ainscow, Ahmad Baasiri, John Davis, and Ruth Hartmann.

Lead Guide: Pepe Landazuri

December 27, 2010

"Hello! This is Pepe calling from the base of Chimborazo at 3,300 meters.  We are having an easy day,and everyone is enjoying that after our adventure and success on Cotopaxi  which made everybody pretty darn tired. 

We plan to join the group from Antisana tomorrow around mid-day.  With Ty, Natalie, and AAI guide Henry Moya, we will have a party of ten!  I talked to Henry and understand that they came within just a few meters of the summit of Antisana.  They were having the same bad weather that we had but also did a tremendous job on their climb!   

The weather has improved.  Right now its sunny, and we can see the mountain.  But I can feel that the weather will change soon. Tomorrow to begin our climb we will move to the hut at the base of the mountain.  Tomorrow is going to be a busy day! Everyone is doing well.

Ruth wants to say hello:

'Eveything is great here. I really wanted to take a moment today and thank our guides. They have been incredible.  It’s very safe and very fun with them.  Ramerio has been carrying my camera and taking great pictures the whole time.  Pepe is cooking some good vegetarian meals for me, too.  I’m so proud and happy right now.  Everything has exceeded my expectations already.

Pepe will call you tomorrow! Wish us luck!' "

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Rob said...

Dear Ruth,
Sounds like you are having a great adventure. I hope the hiking poles are working well and that the weather holds up for your last climb. Looking forward to hearing all about the adventure on your return. Love, Rob.