Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Illiniza / Antisana Expedition: Dispatch 1

Illiniza / Antisana Expedition: 
Dec 17-31, 2010

Climbers: Natalie Garner, Ty Speer

Lead Guide: Henry Moya

Henry called with this update at 7:45 pm Ecuador and US Eastern time:

"Hello!  This is Henry calling with Ty and Natalie. Our small climbing party doing very well, and we are having a great time together.  We recently climbed Pasachoa, and you heard from Pepe and the other group about our climb with them on Gua Gua Pichincha.  Those were great warm=-ups and acclimatization hikes. 

We also climbed Illiniza North, though we didn't make it all the way because of conditions.  We were worreid about lightening, so we headed down before reaching the summit.  We did summit Illiniza South and that was great.  There was some nice stepp ice climbing on it and Natalie and Ty did a great job. Tomorrow is a rest day. We’re all going to head back to town to go to the markets.  [this photo by Kristen Risnes shows Illiniza Norte (left) and South]

We’re getting excited about climbing Antisana.  I’m actually going to call the other group and talk to Pepe about the weather conditions there.  They are on Cayambe right now, as you know, and that mountain has similar conditions to Antisana. Both peaks are on the eastern or the Amazon side of the double line of peaks that runs north to south in Ecuador.  I’ll call or email you all tomorrow with another update. Take care.

Breaking Trail on Illiniza Norte.

On the non-technical climb of Illiniza Norte.

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