Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Denali Team 4: May 22 to June 11 Dispatch #13
Heading Down to 14.

Denali Team 4: May 22 to June 11
Guides: Angela Seidling and Erik Johnson 

Climbers: Llew Gartrell (Australia), Nicholas Durack (UK), Peter Grant (UK), Edward Iglesias (Australia), and Paul Watkins (Australia).

Angela called in with a dispatch at 12:44 pm on June 7th:

“Hi again! The climb to the summit went very well, and I wanted to call and give some more details. It started out pretty warm but as soon as we hit around 19,000 feet it really started to get windy, probably around 25 mph wind. From there on, it was just cold, windy, but beautiful. It was a busy day, as there were a lot of other groups going for the summit. We spent no more than 5-10 minutes at the top – we just took some pictures, gave some hugs and high-fives, and we were out of there. We’re heading back down to 14,000 today and plan to spend the night there. Everyone is still fairly tired, cold, and we’re going to take our time getting down and getting recovered. I don’t have time to take or leave messages right now but I will next time. Have a good one.”


Clare Gartrell said...

Well Done Everyone!! Can't believe how physically and mentally tough you all are! Llew, I'm relieved you're off the summit safely and so proud of you and your achievement! Tread carefully coming down. I cant wait to speak. Mum x

janellegrant5 said...

Hi pj, just wanted to say again how much we miss you and love you and be careful on the way down.
Sleep well all of you.

Ellie & Liam said...

Hurry home now Paul we can't wait to see you.