Monday, June 20, 2011

Denali Team 6: June 5 to June 25 Dispatch #15
At Base Camp

Denali Team 6: June 5 to June 25 Dispatch #15
At Base Camp

Denali Team 6: June 5 to June 25
Guides: Aidan Loehr, Andrew Yasso, and Erin Smart

Climbers: Simon Thomas Gower (Australia), Richard Van Der Sprenkel (UK), Alan Laidlaw (UK), Anna Koufos-Slade (Virginia), Chok Lin Lui (Australia), Kevin Fourie (South Africa), Luke Richmond (Thailand), and Bill Strycharz (Oregon).

Andrew called at 2:15 pm on June 20th with this dispatch:

“Hi, this is a very tired Andrew calling. We had a 15-hour day, going all the way from 17,000 feet to Base Camp. Everyone rallied but we’re totally exhausted. It started out as a calm night, but soon turned into a total white out – which is what we’re in right now.  Snow and rain (snain?) are coming down simultaneously.  Everyone is in tents. We hope to fly out Wednesday. Keep your fingers crossed for good weather.”
[The Team did meet up with Team 7 (Chantel’s Team) at 11,000 feet. Denis is now with Team 6.]


Anonymous said...

take care on the way down Denis (now with team 6). Hope you start feeling better. What a bummer. Talk to you soon. Kids will be wrapped you are coming home early. Love G

Sue Gower said...

Congratulations to those who reached the summit and all for the safe return down the mountain. I guess you are all looking forward to a hot shower and clean sheets!! Great to be kept up to date with these dispatches. Mothers are very appreciative!!