Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2014 Denali Team 4 - Dispatch 14

Trip Dates: May 25 - June 14, 2014

Ben Gardner
Quino Gonzalez
Liz Daley

Team Members:
Davide Collini
Brian Dagg
Victor Konyashchenkov
Kamsen Lau
Benjamin Lee
Michelle Smith
Scott Smith
Julia Sorenson

Update Received: June 9, 2014. 10:30pm PST.  We received a brief and patchy dispatch. In summary:  Team 4 is still hunkered down waiting for the weather to pass. June 10th will be the deciding day - if the weather clears they will ascend up and make a bid for the summit.  If the weather doesn't improve they will begin their descent to get back down to base camp to fly out by Saturday.  They will keep us updated with their plans.

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