Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2014 Denali Team 5 - Dispatch 5

Trip Dates: June 1 - June 21, 2014

Richard Riquelme
Dylan Cembalski
Andy Stephen

Team Members:
Greg Barber
Steven Colonna
John Grace
Daniel Johnson
James Schoettler
Bruce Tocher
Joyce Tocher
Nicholas Tocher

Update Received: June 4, 2014. 7:07pm PST Richard called in reporting from Camp 1. The team had a wonderful day with sunshine and perfect snow conditions. They placed their cache hight at 10,400' - about a 14 miles round trip hike from Camp 1. They are back at camp for the night and are enjoying hot drinks after their long day. 

Every few days the AAI office staff relays the comments family, friends and fans leave here on the dispatch posts up to the guides and team members, so they can enjoy your messages from home.  Tonight there are a few quips from team members in repose to those comments:

Photos courtesy of AAI Collection. 


Melanie said...

Way to go Team 5! Hope you enjoy a lot more sunny days and cinnamon rolls. Don't let Jim trick you into eating yours. Jim: Whistler, Torrey (who spent a lot of the night in the pantry, thanks to thunder) and Tilden miss you and wish you good luck tomorrow! Over and out from Colorado, we're rooting for all of you!

Angelica B said...
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Angelica said...

Hey Dad,
Its been warm here, hope you're not too cold!
Be safe and have fun!
Miss you and love you!!

Nic and Jek

Hels said...

Go team Tocher. Thomas has named all the mountains he sees after you. Mount Joyce is a little smaller than mount nick and Mount Bruce, but mount Tom is huge!

Kerry said...

Love this team!!! Packing up my gear and heading to the glacier asap! ; ) Thanks for waiting, Team 5! It's just the kind of team you are. Thanks, G! Will have to hustle, sounds like you guys are fast. See you at Camp 2!

P.S. Enjoyed the avocado last night! Leftovers were appreciated.

Kerry said...
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Mad Farquhar said...

Message for the Tochers: The Meldrums in the Highlands are rooting for you guys and watching your progress with interest. Fervently hope you get the weather window you deserve on your 2014 attempt. Nice to hear the voice of Joyce! Ruth is keeping up to date on her iPad too and sends her love and best wishes.

Gerry/Dawn Barber said...

Hi Greg thinking of you always. hope you are enjoying the hike but be safe. love mom and dad

Unknown said...

Hi John! Glad to hear y'all are doing well! Thanks for the beautiful flowers :) The surprise in NYC was super fun and we are all thinking about you. Miss you and be safe. Go team 5!