Thursday, June 12, 2014

2014 Denali Team 5 - Dispatch 11

Trip Dates: June 1 - June 21, 2014

Richard Riquelme
Dylan Cembalski
Andy Stephen

Team Members:
Greg Barber
Steven Colonna
John Grace
Daniel Johnson
James Schoettler
Bruce Tocher
Joyce Tocher
Nicholas Tocher

Update Received:  June 11, 2014. 9:35pmPST.  We received a partial dispatch. Team 5 is still at Camp 3. They woke up to a cold, but clear morning and warmed up with some biscuits and gravy.  They continued the "home improvements" around camp, building snow walls and even started an ingloo....on its way to being the most impressive one in Camp 3! Later they went up to the fixed lines and put in some practice.

Photos courtesy of AAI Collection. 


Melanie said...

Hi Jim, I hope you build a killer igloo but also hope you get to move to the next camp soon! Things are good here, had a nice trip to Oregon to see Ali and now Molly is visiting which is really fun. The last day of work was fine and I am kind of loving being unemployed... maybe I shouldn't get too used to it ;) I head home tomorrow, next time I'm in Colorado you'll be here too! Tilden is sitting in my lap and says, "Meewwwwww, mewwwww, purrrr." Love you!

Mad Farquhar said...

Tocher talk: Been a tad remiss of late in keeping up with dispatches but good to hear progress is being made, albeit with weather closed in for a day or two. Summer here in the highlands is atypical: humid and dull - flaming June indeed! It's strange trying to visualise you guys in tents at -8C at +14kft and me at +5mtr at 18C at home. :-)