Monday, June 2, 2014

2014 Denali Team 5 - Dispatch 1

Trip Dates: June 1 - June 21, 2014

Richard Riquelme
Dylan Cembalski
Andy Stephen

Team Members:
Greg Barber
Steven Colonna
John Grace
Daniel Johnson
James Schoettler
Bruce Tocher
Joyce Tocher
Nicholas Tocher

Update Received:  via emails from Guide Richard Riquelme
May 28th: We started the food packing in our brand new facilities. Weather on the another hand not the best-overcast and raining.

May 30th: We started to take care of the last part of the food packing and began with the expedition gear portion by rigging sleds and checking tents while the break in the weather allowed us to do so. Since yesterday evening it is back to rain again. Today, we are planning to finish up most of the gear packing and get our personal gear sorted and ready to go. 

Tomorrow, we will be heading down to Anchorage to finalize our fresh food shopping and some last minute purchases before meeting the rest of Team 5 climbers at 14:00:00 in Anchorage.

May 31st: We just finish the gear check and first day of meeting the rest of the members of Team 5.  We are getting ready to get some last minute items before we head to grab some dinner tonight.

June 1st: We just got out of our NPS meeting and we are lunching away and putting in extra carbs before we get onto the glacier.

June 1st: We all are stand-by waiting to possibly fly in today. With that been said, we are still waiting to see if the first plane today will be able to land and start the moving process of climbers waiting to get out. In the best case scenario - fly today or maybe tomorrow morning.

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