Sunday, June 15, 2014

2014 Denali Team 6 - Dispatch 3

Trip Dates: June 8 - June 28, 2014

Paul Ivaska
Britt Ruegger
Bryce Hill

Team Members:
Bouchra Baibanou
Giles Jones
John Keplinger
Amandeep Luther
Claudia Rudolph
Lucjan Zolinerowski

Update Received: June 15, 2014. 6:21pm PST. Team 6 was able to place their cache up around Windy Corner. Everyone was excited to get the snowshoes off, put the crampons on and get into more technical terrain.  They were able to put all the food and gear needed for the cache in their packs and not have to pull the extra weight of the sleds.  Weather at 13K' was mild. They returned to Camp 2 for the night and hope to move out to Camp 3 on Monday the 16th.

Photos courtesy of AAI Collection. 


Pete said...

Team 6 is "rocking" this climb. Fingers crossed for you on having a weather assist during your summit bid.

Unknown said...

Hi Everyone and Luke,

Just wanted to say that I'm wishing you all the best. Luke you're in my thoughts, and I am rooting for you.