Friday, June 6, 2014

2014 Denali Team 5 - Dispatch 6

Trip Dates: June 1 - June 21, 2014

Richard Riquelme
Dylan Cembalski
Andy Stephen

Team Members:
Greg Barber
Steven Colonna
John Grace
Daniel Johnson
James Schoettler
Bruce Tocher
Joyce Tocher
Nicholas Tocher

Update Received: June 6, 2014. 4:04pm PST.  At Camp 2. The dispatch we received today from Team 5 contained over a minute of inaudible message. The dispatch has been spliced together to salvage a bit of the details.  Richard and Dylan send messages back home. 

at 8:27pm PST we received a second dispatch, but again it became inaudible and then disconnected. All is well, they are just not getting a strong satellite phone connection at 14K' at the this time.

You can also SPOT them here:  Team 5.

Photos courtesy of AAI Collection. 

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Unknown said...

Hello Mum! Hello Dad! Hello Nick! Thanks for the message last time Mum, you sounded sleepy, I thought *aaaaaw* :) Hope you're all doing well and enjoying yourselves! Things are fine here and I have purple hair now, I'm sure that's some really exciting information for you haha. Nick!! My message for you is: Where is my message Nick!? I want a special message! Anyway, I hope you are having a special magical time :)*Hugs!*