Wednesday, May 6, 2015

2015 Denali Team 1 - Dispatch 2

Expedition Dates: May 3 - 23

Dispatch 2 received May 6th, 2015

Paul Rosser
Higinio Gonzalez

Amber Shine
Serena Shine
Drew Littlejohns
James Barnard
Oliver Darke

Yesterday, Team 1 was able to move up from Base Camp up to Camp 1. Today, the team spent a leisurely morning enjoying french toast and coffee at 8700'. Following breakfast, they carried their first cache up to 10,200' before returning back down to Camp 1 for dinner and a quiet evening. Everyone is doing well. 

Friends, family, and fans of Team 1 are welcome to leave comments below. When the guides check in to the AAI office via satellite phone, we can relay them back to the climbers. 

Denali photos courtesy of AAI archives.


Jeanne said...

Sure wish I were up there with you all Super P! Sounds like a strong team and good company! Hope y'all are kickin it in the hot tub up at 11,000 by the time you get this. Look forward to your call! xoJ

Andy said...

Good luck OD!!!