Thursday, May 21, 2015

2015 Denali Team 2 Dispatch #9 Expedition Dates 5/12 - 6/2


Aidan Loehr
Andy Stephen
Chris Benson


Fabio Luigi Aspali
Mathias Brandenburg
Dr. Peter Fichtner
Ernst Huber
Gunther Reinhold Muller-Schubert
Roger Ruegg
Rene Robert Spichiger
Marisa Tribastone
Stefan Urfer

Lead Guide Aidan Loehr called in at 9:30AM this morning.

The team has successfully made it to 14 Camp.

They arrived last night after moving from 11 Camp, up Motorcycle Hill, around Windy Corner and then settled in.

Winds were still substantial but the group made a strong push through and will get take a well deserved rest. They spent a couple hours building snow walls to help protect their tents from the high gusts of wind.

They had a delicious burrito dinner last night and will go to retrieve the cache they left at 13,500 later today or tomorrow before making a plan to move higher up the mountain.

The Team is set up very well and is right on schedule.

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