Tuesday, May 26, 2015

2015 Denali Team 2 - Day 13 Expedition Dates 5/12 - 6/2


Aidan Loehr
Andy Stephen
Chris Benson


Fabio Luigi Aspali
Mathias Brandenburg
Dr. Peter Fichtner
Ernst Huber
Gunther Reinhold Muller-Schubert
Roger Ruegg
Rene Robert Spichiger
Marisa Tribastone
Stefan Urfer

*** This Dispatch Covers the last 3 days of Team 2's movements/updates.

"Hi this is Aidan AAI Denali Trip 2. We are at 14 Camp experiencing some strong winds rolling through camp. We are in the middle of a small storm. It seems to be storming above us and below us. Kind of how Denali works.

We walked out to the edge of the world two days ago. Not the best view, but its better than no view and great to get a little exercise.

We were able to cache above the fixed lines right around 16,200ft so we are in a great position to push for the summit as soon as we get a weather window.

While we have been waiting for the weather to clear up, the group has been partaking in some very spirited discussions and chess matches. The most fierce game of chess I have ever seen between Andy and Mathias. A lot of mental energy being expended in the cook tent.

There was an intense game of frisbee in camp today as well. Everyone took part and seemed to be having a good time. I worked mainly as an official and to make sure no one got too far out of bounds or too close to the crevasse areas.

The forecast is predicting a change towards pleasant weather in the next couple days and we are hoping to be in the middle of that as we try to move up to high camp.

I am going to head back to the cook tent and see how the chess game is going. Over and out."

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