Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2015 Denali Team 1 - Dispatch 5

Expedition Dates: May 3 - 23

Dispatch 5 received May 12th, 2015

Paul Rosser
Higinio Gonzalez

Amber Shine
Serena Shine
Drew Littlejohns
James Barnard
Oliver Darke

Guide Quino called in with today's report. The team woke up to a chilly morning, but they were still able to climb up to 13,500', just short of Camp 3, and place a food cache.  They returned back down to Camp 2 for the remainder of the day and one more night.

Once the morning chill gave way, the day proved to be a beautiful one - no wind and a clear sunny sky. Conditions are predicted to be the same for Wednesday's big move up to 14K'.

Somewhere in this food cache (hopefully not devoured just yet) is a little treat sent to Team 1 by Girl Scout Troop 44373. The troop hopes some celebratory ThinMints will be enjoyed by the team at the highest point in North America. The cookies left Bellingham Washington on April 22. To read about the start of the journey visit the Peggy McKinley blog post.

Photos Courtesy of AAI archives.

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