Thursday, May 28, 2015

2015 Denali Team 4 - Dispatch 3

Expedition Dates: May 24th - June 13th 

Dispatch 3 received May 28th, 2015

Paul Ivaska
Jared Drapala
Jeremy Devine

Josh Skibba
Candice Creecy
Steve Jacobs
Guy Manning
John Moorhouse
Arrak Bhattacharyya
Ben Magid

Guide Jeremy called in today's report that the team has moved up to Camp 2. In true alpine form they woke up at 4am ate breakfast, broke camp and were moving by 6am. They reached Camp 2 around 2pm. Team members Ben and Arrak got on the phone to send messages back home. Enjoy!

Photos courtesy of AAI Archives.


Anonymous said...

Anis and shahrom..

Jasmin said...

Hi Candice! Do you get these messages? Hopefully you do! Great job making it to camp 2. We baptized Ryder today. Great job everyone and keep it up! -Team Popular

Erin said...

Candice! We are thwarted by technology and our occasional attempts to eschew non-stop connection to our phones! Alas, this has meant missing calls from you. Rest assured that your Minnesota Girls are sending you love and encouragement and hope you'll try again to reach us from the mountain! We love you like crazy! So proud of you!

Erin said...

Candice! We love you and so sorry we didn't catch your calls! Sending lots of love from your Minnesota girls! (and sorry if you get about 6 messages like this one...having trouble getting comments through to you on this site!)

Unknown said...

Dear Candice, I need to report that you have three outstanding training requirements that are now over due. Just because you are a bad ass does not mean you can escape ESAMS, TWIMS, and Marine-net. I will accept your certificate via carrier pigeon. Please place a hefty sweater on him or you could just keep climbing. Be safe!