Friday, May 22, 2015

2015 Denali Team 2 Dispatch #10 Expedition Dates: 5/12 - 6/2


Aidan Loehr
Andy Stephen
Chris Benson


Fabio Luigi Aspali
Mathias Brandenburg
Dr. Peter Fichtner
Ernst Huber
Gunther Reinhold Muller-Schubert
Roger Ruegg
Rene Robert Spichiger
Marisa Tribastone
Stefan Urfer

"This is Aidan with Denali Team 2. It is Day 10, May 21st of our expedition. It's hard to keep track of what day it is on expeditions like these but I believe it is Thursday night.

We spent today at 14 Camp in some very stormy weather. High winds and blowing snow all through camp and all through the day.

A small group, led by the magnificent Andy Stephen went down to retrieve our cache at 13,500ft.

We had the docs at 14 visit our cook tent for about an hour to let everyone know whats going on and what to expect as we higher up the mountain.

Worked on some skills for the fixed lines incase we are able to make a cache in the next couple days.

We spend a couple hours as a team working on the walls around our tent. The forecast is bad for today and tomorrow but then it is predicted to clear up.

The whole team is pretty psyched about our position as we patiently wait for a good weather window to move up.

That's all for now and we will check in with you all tomorrow."

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