Monday, May 18, 2015

2015 Denali Team 1- Dispatch 7

Expedition Dates: May 3 - 23

Dispatch 7 received May 16th, 2015

Paul Rosser
Higinio Gonzalez

Amber Shine
Serena Shine
Drew Littlejohns
James Barnard
Oliver Darke

Paul called in to report Team 1 is still at 14,200' where they have been for the past  3-4 days. A weather system has moved in bringing winds of 63mph. The team fortified the entire camp with snow walls and tied everything down to help shelter themselves out of the wind. They safely made it through the night with the only real disturbance being the consistent flapping nylon tent walls.

Saturday was a beautiful day, but high winds and negative temperatures are in the forecast for higher up on the mountain. With the end of the trip coming down the pike, the team will make a final decision on whether or not continue up or to descend. We will post the Teams final decision tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

We are so awed but this adventure you are all on! Simply Amazing.
Chris and Chris Pattillo