Sunday, May 30, 2010

Alpine Mountaineering & Technical Leadership 2 on Bonanza Peak

AMTL Part 2 May 23-June 3, 2010

Kurt Hicks called on Sunday May 30 at 8:42 am. He and fellow guide Justin Woods are in the final phase of Alpine Mountaineering and Technical Leadership Part 2:

"Good morning. This is Kurt and Justin calling. We’re on the Lake Chelan Ferry on Lake Chelan heading for the villages of Lucerne and Holden. We’ll be camping on the Mary Green Glacier tonight thorough Tuesday night. We’ll come out on the Wednesday ferry unless we miss it, and if that happens, we’ll come out Thursday.

We’re planning to climb the Company Glacier on the north side of Bonanza Peak. Big peak, excellent route. We’re looking forward to it! We’re in great spirits and the weather is good. Talk to you later."


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