Thursday, May 27, 2010

Denali Team 3 - Dispatch #5

Denali Team 3: May 23 - June 12, 2010

Guides: Angela Seidling, Alaina Robertson

Climbers: Paul Rose, Joan Clofent, Paul Watkins, Carol Masheter, Simon Boaz, Bob Sullivan

Thursday, May 27, 5:01 pm Pacific Standard Time

Lead Guide Angela Seidling called and left this dispatch:

Today we retrieved our cache from 10,400 ft and made it back to camp by noon! Then in the afternoon we did all sorts of fun things:

Carol, Paul R. and John focused on building walls for camp. Simon, Bob and Paul W. made the best bathroom this mountain has ever seen. Everyone is psyched about our new commode! The only thing that's missing is a newspaper rack. We also had a brief dance party in the cook tent (but it was pretty much just Alaina actually)

Here are some shout outs to our friends and family:

Simon: To Sugar Nipples, I hope the move is not too overwhelming, relax and let it go!

Bob: To the kids, you know what I'm thinking, I'm thinking, (wait for it) about the way Sabin cocks his head when I say "work".

Carol: From SilverFox, I howl my greetings to the Mountain Club and I'm dedicating this climb to all those facing unwelcome challenges, especially Mike and Terry!

Alaina: "Sizzling bacon!"

Paul R:
To Angen, Massachusetts, keep on rocking!

Paul W:
To all the Jims, Jim is good.

That's all for now!


Granny said...

To Bob: wonder what Sabin would do on the mountain if you said "work". What would he fetch? Any birds up there?

George said...

Alaina: its sizzling 'bama style. Are ther plans to add a shower to that incredible toilet?

Sugar Nipples said...

Simon: I'm packed and ready to roll out Sunday..can't wait!! Now- since you built the toilet, be a big boy and use it...don't let Haeven show you up! If you do a good job, you can play with the SOAP! :) 143

George said...

18 huh? OK, to see if I am on track; did the joy of family and friends make the list?