Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Denali Team 2 - Dispatch #2

Denali Team 2: May 16 - June 5, 2010

Guides: Paul Ivaska, Chantel Astorga, Kevin Hogan

Climbers: John McQueston, Nick Pearce, Sarah Nelson, Roger Woolett, Simon James, Max Bouev, Jeff Marks, Alex Roetter, Mark Michelin

Wednesday, May 19

At 5:35 PST AAI Guide Kevin Hogan called with this dispatch:

“Hi guys, we are at 11,000 foot camp. We just moved up here yesterday, and tomorrow we plan on back carrying to retrieve our 10,000 foot cash. The day after that, on the 21st, we hope to make a carry up to 13,600 foot camp. The weather has been really clear, sunny, and absolutely beautiful. Everyone is doing well, pulling strong, and is excited to be on the mountain.”

Kevin then proceeded to relay messages from each climber.

Roger – sends love to his family and say Hi to his AMGEM friends

Alex – says hi to his parents, Nick and Natasha

John – says hi to this mom, dad, and Liam

Nick – says hi to his mom, dad and Noah

Max – says hi to the world

Jeff – says hi to his friends Bear, Frog and Charlie

Sarah – says hello to Adam, and wants to say she hates snow shoes. Also to Adrial, “the weather is here, wish you were beautiful.” (I guess it is an inside joke?)

Simon – says he hopes Karin is having a good week, I miss you, and wants her to know his new nickname is Big Mamma (because he looks huge in his down pants.)

Guides Paul and Kevin just say hi to each other.

Back to Kevin’s dispatch, “Everyone is complaining that they are eating too well. They have seen some beautiful serac avalanches, and are really excited about the beautiful weather. Sorry if I left anyone's message out. We are are all just having such a great time and living in the moment. We will keep in touch over the next couple of days.”


Adriel said...

Hey Sarah! "My thoughts aren't too clear but don't run away!"

Be safe, have fun and remember - "I'm just singing and ordering drinks!"

Alena said...

Привет, Макс!
Следим за каждым вашим шагом.
Лена, Юрасик и братья.

TallTails said...

Hey Simon,
Have a very happy birthday tomorrow. Sounds like the team is doing brilliantly, and i hope the weather holds for you. Stay safe, come home soon. Love Karin x

Alena said...

Max, Rossia - Canada 5:2 ( was 4:0 do 3-go period). Plaed well.
22 may semi final Rossiy-Germany and Chech -Sweden.

Unknown said...

Hi Mark,
WOW! Just heard the news from Arie that you are attempting to climb the "big guy". I'm cheering you and your team on from Palo Alto, CA.

You were the only one from your team who didn'tt have a message sent out on your team's blog. I'm going to assume you're doing great and it was an oversight on Kevin's part:(

Nini (Arie's Mom)

jeffrozmaxsam said...

Hi Jeff, Everyone here is great! We love and miss you! xo Roz

jeffrozmaxsam said...

Jeff, All is great here. We love and miss you! xo Roz

Unknown said...

The "world" says "hi" to Max and the whole Team. :-) Good luck guys!