Thursday, May 13, 2010

Everest Dispatch - May 13 2010

Psyching Up for the Summit
13 May 2010

As we bide our time at Base Camp, waiting for our weather window, Mike and Ang Dorjee took to the opportunity to brief the team on the next phase of the expedition - the summit push.

This morning oxygen masks and regulators were issued and everyone now has their individual set-up which will stay with them from Camp Three to the summit and back again. Mask fittings were adjusted and everyone tested their regulators and became familiar with how to change an oxygen bottle. Mandy, Tony and James then ensured that their mask fitted well over their various combinations of balaclavas, hats, sunglasses and goggles, and that no steaming-up occurred.

This afternoon we had a long discussion about the trip above Camp Three. Clothing combinations, terrain features and nutrition were all discussed, along with a blow-by-blow description of what to expect on summit day. We concluded the afternoon by watching a video of summit day, made by AC guide Mark Sedon, in 2007. The group last watched this film back in Kathmandu all those weeks ago and it was great to be able to visualize the day ahead. Hopefully this afternoon served to answer the team's many questions and also motivate each member for a successful summit bid.

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