Sunday, May 30, 2010

Denali Team 3 - Dispatch #7

Denali Team 3: May 23 - June 12, 2010

Guides: Angela Seidling, Alaina Robertson

Climbers: Paul Rose, Joan Clofent, Paul Watkins, Carol Masheter, Simon Boaz, Bob Sullivan

Saturday, May 29, 11:17pm Pacific time

Lead Guide Angela Seidling called at 11:17pm and said:

“This is Angela calling to say ‘hello.’ We moved from camp 2 to 3 today. It was a good hard day. We had all sorts of changes in the weather – we had a little bit of everything: sun, wind, snow, white out conditions, and more sun. And here we are, safe and sound in our tents at Camp 3.

We worked hard to build a good camp when we got here. The cook tent stills needs some work.
Our plan tomorrow is to do a backcarry of our remaining gear from Camp 2 up to this position.

Yesterday the phone cut out before we could give you a clue to the meaning of our expedition name, Celebrations of Joy.” The clue is the average person has 18 celebrations of joy per day. We’ll let you work on that for a day or two before we tell you the meaning. We hope you’ll post your guesses on the blog so the folks at the Institute office can tell us what you are thinking. It’s fun to hear your comments.

OK. That’s our news for now. We’ll call you soon with an update. Bye for now!”


Anonymous said...

As each of you approaches the Summit, where nothing stands between you and our God of All Creation, consider leaving any bitter thought at the Summit and bringing only a deep sense of awe of His majesty down from the Summit.

Stay safe, dream big and love these moments.

Holls aka Sugar Nipples said...

Simon and all: Wild guess for the meaning of Celebrations of Joy; if the average person has 18 per day, I'm going to go out on a limb and say "celebrations of joy" is code for passing gas! :) It's the best I can do, at least I hope I made ya'll smile!

Keep on climbing!!!

Anonymous said...

Bobby, It was great to hear from you last evening. It's great that the team is doing well. We are excited for you. Live your dreams. Love, Dad

Cyndi Boaz said...

To Simon and all: Hope all is going well. Just finished a 10K
walk this morning. Can't believe it...feel great. Thought of you the whole way. Thanks for the motivation. Remember be true to the name you bear....get it done Son...I'm so proud of you! Can't wait to hear about your adventure.
Love ya, Mama Boaz

Bubbles said...

"Sixteen days Alaina, sixteen sexy days!"

The first thing she's gunna do when she gets home is rub catfood on her cheeks and let all the kitties come and lick it off. There's no better feeling than a little miniature sand paper tongue kitty!

Alaina: I love and miss you. It's good to hear you guys are doing so well. It sounds like you a have a great group of people with you. Keep up the cook tent dancing!

Ps- thanks for the books! I finished one today :)