Monday, May 17, 2010

Denali Team 1 - Dispatch #12

Denali Team 1: May 2-22, 2010

Guides: Forest McBrian and Mike Pond

Climbers: Rob Gribbin, Deke Williams, Jens Rabbels, Krushnaa Patil, Chris Shumate

Monday, May 17 - 12:30 pm PST

AAI Guide Mike Pond called in with this dispatch:

Everything has been going really well. We’ve been having pretty good weather lately which is promising. We are actually going to move up to high camp today. It looks like there is a decent weather window coming in, as a light high pressure system has been predicted for the coming week.

We are trying to get into position to take advantage of that. We will see what happens, but after heading up today we are planning on taking a rest day tomorrow and then trying for the summit after that. Of course we have to flexible as the weather develops.

We are starting to get creative with food because we are on freeze dried meals from here on out. We have been combining meals lately. For instance, we had, “good” food last night. Very non-specific, I know, but it is better that way.

As a final note, the pterodactyls are coming back aggressively towards the brontosauruses. We will see how this turns out, there may be some drama in the near future between these two dinosaur factions.

Krushnna says “hi” to her mom. The whole team wishes everyone to keep on rockin’ in the free world.


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ranjana patil said...

Thank you Mike and Hi, Krushnaa and all at McKinley, best of luck to Krushnaa and the whole team, may the good weather be more good for you all and may all summit successfuly and safely....