Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Alpine Mountaineering and Technical Leadership - Dispatch #2

Alpine Mountaineering and Technical Leadership Part 1
Dates: June 21st - July 2 2010
Guides: Kurt Hicks and Kevin Hogan

Climbers: Chelsea Hermann, Gavin Hermann, Shashiraj Shanbhag, Brian Koehn, Paul Berggren, Mikko Salovarra, Daniel Arnold

Kevin called today with the following dispatch:

"Hello, this is Kevin. We’re currently eating breakfast in Winthop right now. Yesterday Kurt and Kevin were guided by the other climbers up Silver Star. The top of this peak is a rocky ridge, and we found snow up there. We will be at Fun Rock for the rest of the day. Tomorrow we’ll still be over on this side of the mountains. We’re not decided on what we will do but we have some ideas. - maybe Liberty Bell or Cutthroat Peak. We’ll be back Friday afternoon. "


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