Sunday, June 13, 2010

Denali Team 4 - Dispatch #8

Denali Team 4: May 30-June 19, 2010

Guides: Dylan Taylor, Jeremy Ellison, Tom Kirby

Climbers: Paul Hameister, Martin Perry, Tim Myall, Andy Sweet, Brian Plaugher, Dimitri Nichiporov, Respicius Baitwa, Jay Jackson, and Siggi Soleyiarson

Dylan called on Friday at 1026pm Pacific time

“Hi there. This is Dylan. We’re still 14,000 feet. We almost went up to high camp today at 17,200 today but had to pull the plug when it got really windy on the top of the West Buttress, and we were sure it would be miserable up there. But we hope to go up Saturday and try for the summit as soon as people are feeling ready for it.

We have two new messages for you today.

From Jay: I dedicate this summit attempt to the memory of Anna, daughter of Bill and Gina. We’re still at 14,000 because of weather. We’re all eager to climb. This is a great team.

From Siggy: Please send a tons of prayerts for sunny skies to Eros and Aphrodite post haste.

So we’ll try to call as soon as we have more news for you. That’s it for now.”


rachel said...

so happy to hear you are all well
i hope you are at the high camp and going for the top
jay...thank you for your message
i will pass it on to gina and she will pass it on to ana
you have my dearest thoughts and prayers for an easy joyful ascent
may it be a ticket to heaven
my best wishes to your wonderful team
your friends and family send you their support and best wishes

Andrey said...

To: Dimitry & team:

I wish you clear and quiet skies, and good fortune to continue upward. Dimitry, sunny California is sending you a virtual parcel with good weather, should be there soon.

rachel said...

hope you are ok
i it was good to hear your voice
anxious to hear what is going on and praying the weather broke for you
stay strong

Unknown said...

All good here in böggvisstadir and God Speed og svo nytt lag med Pearl Jam

Flynn said...

This is a message for Tom Kirby aka Jephro. The Cruimers wish ye great tidings and Smoking Bishop. Social Note: Cheroot trail optional.

rachel said...

Hope all is well team 4
been a while since any news
do you folks in the aai office have any update
be great if you could post a comment with their status
my best to all