Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Denali Team 5: Dispatch #11

Denali Team 5: June 13–July 3

Guides: Paul Ivaska, Richard Riquelme, Kristen Looper
Apprentice: Andrew Yasso

Climbers: Walt, Ann, and Luke Hampton (Canton, Connecticut), Caitriona Strain (Burnfoot, Ireland), Brendan McDyer (Glenties, Ireland), Skye O'Donnell (Sydney, Australia), Colin Stalnecker (Chicago, Illinois), Ryan Derrigan (Rickmansworth, England), and Stephen Williams (Oxon, United Kingdom)

Andrew called on Tuesday, June 22nd, at 4:30pm Pacific time with the following update:

"We're at 14,000 camp. We spent the day practicing on fixed lines that we set up in camp. Everyone seems to have a good handle on it (literally!), and we're looking forward to using the skills tomorrow. Today, we were going to go check out the Edge of the World, but the clouds came in and there wasn't great visibility. That's actually a good thing because it has been so hot and we needed a break!

For the most part, we've just been taking a rest day and hanging out in camp. The international participants seem to be enjoying the food on the trip, which is fun. They've really taken a liking to beef jerky, lucky charms, and cliff bars in particular. The brown bread from a can was a surprisingly big hit as well! It is really good when you fry it up.

Tomorrow we will head up to the fixed lines and put in a cache below 17,000. The loads we carry should be pretty light, as Dylan's team left some gear for us up above. This will be really nice for acclimatization purposes.

Here are some messages from us to you:

From Luke to Abby: It was awesome talking to you. Pray for good weather, and we will talk again in a wekk. I miss you! 1434

From Sky to Hugh and Bridie: Thanks for the message. Wish you were both here seeing what I am seeing!

Collin: Thanks for the note Cary, and much love to my family.

Ryan to DD: Thanks for the message you are in my thoughts.

Walt and Ann: Hello to Maria, Joe, Iman, Zak, and Amir.

Steve: Thanks for all the messages. Hugs and high fives to the kids. It is definitely too cold to wash as always. Lots of snowballs like Santa's message.

Richard: Hello to my little monkey, and all my love to my lovely lovely wife!

Andrew: Thanks for the continued support from friends and family, you guys make this all worth it. Natasha, you are beautiful and I love you!

Thats all for now! -- Andrew


Abbey said...

luke, i loved talking to you! i miss you so much. hope you get good weather and come home soon!

Anonymous said...

Andrew loved the text from 14,000ft, that was awesome. -mike

antipodean said...

G'day Steve, We camped out in the back room and watched Ice Age 3 and never put the heater on ! Food sounds interesting. Take care jdjhx

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, looks like d weather mite hold out for u and I rely hope it stays good. Please tell bradus I miss him. I'm leavin talkeetna in mornin and lookin into climbin somethin else over ere b4 I go home coz once home it will be weddings and renovating houses for nxt 6 months. I might even go wedding dress hunting while here!!! Can you imagine the contrast: going from stinking out a tent to getting sized up for a dress all in same week ha ha.

rowingmum said...

Hi Steve, Great to hear news of your fantastic progress. Make sure you get some photos. Enjoy the snowball fight!! LOL Mum and Dad x

Julie Stalnecker said...

Colin: Teton weather continues to be great, and chores continue on unabated. Zoe has spent time weeding, slashing overgrowth, and removing stickers from middle school lockers, she officially hates middle school girls! Zelda sends her love. Love from all, Mommie

DD said...

England and US both won today and will be moving on to the round of 16. Hope things are continuing to go well for you and the group.

Laura said...

Richard, Sammy gave your picture a big goodnight kiss last night. We're on the road as of tomorrow night so if you call, use my cell and keep the time difference in mind. Sending lots of love and good weather for the summit,