Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Denali Team 3 - Dispatch #10

Denali Team 3: May 23 - June 12, 2010

Guides: Angela Seidling, Alaina Robertson

Climbers: Paul Rose, Joan Clofent, Paul Watkins, Carol Masheter, Simon Boaz, Bob Sullivan

Lead Guide Angela Seidling called at 1:30pm on Wednesday, June 2nd:

"Today we took another rest day at 14 Camp. We’re just waiting for a good weather window to move up to 17,000 ft. Hence, we slept in today, and ate a good, late breakfast.

Everybody was playing a card game called “Golf” which Simon taught us.  And, can you believe this? There was also a big game of Frisbee thanks to Bob, who brought a Frisbee!

Here are some Shout Outs to our friends and family:

Carol: To my friends and sister “AAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOO!!!” (That’s a big howl!)

Simon: To Helen Keller, Dual, and Yonkie: Thinking of you!

Alaina: To Kelly, I send my love.

Bob: “I’m missing the sound of the cork popping off of red truck with the Hardys!”

Everyone from the group says….

Thanks so much for all the Shout Backs!  We have received them all.  It’s all fun and games up here until the summit!

Here are some notes on the comments previously posted on the dispatch:

The people who went up to the cache were Carol, John, Paul Watkins, Bob and me (Angela). All others went on the acclimatization hike yesterday."


Granny said...

Bob -- it's just like you to keep the action rolling -- way to go with that Frisbee. Most appreciated, I'm sure! We're off to Georgia tomorrow. We'll be on my cell.

Holls said...

Simon! I'm going strong for Team Blueberry and doing some geocaching on the coast...try to find a cache on the mountain! Thinking about you everyday!

Mattie Sullivan said...

Hey Daddy. This is Tilly. I miss you so much. Please be safe and have fun. I wonder how long and bushy your beard is! Good luck to the whole team.

Unknown said...

To: Simon
From: Colby

Que hubo Hombre?! You're a long way from the Rio Grande amigo!!! Keep chargin' hard! The whole fam is keeping track of you and wishing you all the best. To you and the whole team: May you climb the mountain and receive it's good tidings.

Unknown said...

Paul Rose, Hi from DeKalb Jct. We hope all is well. I was at Mom's today planting flowers. Take care of yourself! Love from your sister Carol!

Gemma said...

To: Joan Clofent
From: Gemma and family

Dear daddy, we are thinking about you all time and we miss you very much. Kisses from all family and good luck!

hakan said...

Paul Rose -- I am still jumping up and down in the hallways waiting to hear that you made it. I wish you the best of luck.