Friday, June 18, 2010

Denali Team 5 - Dispatch #8

Denali Team 5: June 13–July 3

Guides: Paul Ivaska, Richard Riquelme, Kristen Looper
Apprentice: Andrew Yasso

Climbers: Walt, Ann, and Luke Hampton (Canton, Connecticut), Caitriona Strain (Burnfoot, Ireland), Brendan McDyer (Glenties, Ireland), Skye O'Donnell (Sydney, Australia), Colin Stalnecker (Chicago, Illinois), Ryan Derrigan (Rickmansworth, England), and Stephen Williams (Oxon, United Kingdom)

Paul called on Friday the 18th at 7:10 Pacific time with the following update:

Hey everyone. This is Paul and the team calling from 11,000 feet. We've had a great day today. We back-carried this morning, going down to 10,500 and bringing up the supplies that we had cached there. The cache was so high it made it a pretty easy day for us, so this has really been more like a rest day.

The weather has been odd. Changing a lot. We're actually above a cloud layer at the moment.

Everyone is doing well. We're all in good health and glad to be here. Tomorrow we are gong to climb to Windy Corner and place a cache just beyond it at 13,500 feet. We'll give a call in the evening and let you know how it goes. That's it for now. Talk to you soon."

While Paul was on the phone, we read the group the comments that Michel and Joseph posted on the blog for Amboura and Andrew! Keep the communications coming and we will pass the messages on.


rowingmum said...

Hi Steve,
Sounds like you're having a great time. We guess the views when you are on top of the clouds are fab!England only managed another draw last night - so progress to next stage now doubtful. All the guys and girls in Munich are doing well. Love you. Mum and Dad xx

Jim said...

Annie, take care of Walter. He's fragile! Love you guys. Keep going.

antipodean said...

G'day Steve, Easy day is objective I bet! Josh & Hannah would love all that snow. Take care. jdjh x

Abbey said...

luke, i miss you! i hope we can talk soon... i bet you're having an awesome time!

Laura said...

Happy Father's Day, Richard! Love,
Laura and Sammy

David Donaghy said...

Hi Caitriona, just back from a cycle, called in2 the brae n got the tea with willie john n Rosaleen, all doing well, every1 askn 4u, Clyde is takn ovr here ! Even takn ovr d sofa ! And I cutt ur grass !C such u ltr. !

Anonymous said...

Hi Brendan, all well at home, keep going, delighted your getting on well. England only drew two games so far in world cup, will keep you posted with any other big game. hope catriona going wll. Thisha. x

Katie Bradfield said...

Hi Steve. Glad it’s going well & great to hear you’ve had a good day. I’m on my MBA course this weekend. Long days but going well. Good luck tomorrow & take care. Love you, Katie xx

b said...

Hi Skye,

hope you are going well and didn't forget to remove the bottles of water from your pack before you left :-).

Very envious and keeping an eye on how you are doing

Bridie and Hugh

David Donaghy said...

Hi ,Caitriona, missed ur calls, mobile signal has bn v bad last few days, tried ringn back, mayb it's the iPhone, u should try d house phone 074 93 84039

Rosaleen Strain said...

Hi Caitriona, mammy here, me and your daddy are just back from sligo and daddys eye operation went well. We are reading your groups posts and youse are doing great and we are proud of ye. Everyone is asking how you are getting on. David cycled over to the house last night to visit. God bless from Mammy x

Anonymous said...

Hey Caitriona,

Hope you're getting on good. I was reading the comments and it sounds tough enough!! Good on you'se! We're heading out for dinner today for father's day - we'll have a dessert for you!;-)

Good luck with the rest of the climb, fair play to you'se!

From your favourite sister Claire!

Cary Stalnecker said...

Sounds like the expedition is progressing well. Have a great time Colin - Sarah and I are excited for you and can't wait to hear more! Good luck to everyone.

David Donaghy said...

Hi Caitriona, my sim card is on the blink, ring me on the landline 074 93 84039 or seans mob 087 9606785, il get a new sim 2mor, take care David