Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bolivia - Dispatch #4

Bolivia Trek and Climbing Program May 29 – June 19, 2010

Guides: Danny Uhlmann, Alasdair Turner, and Juan Churra

Climbers: Danny Griffith (Bellingham, WA), Alfred Kwok (Claremont, CA), Diccon Westworth (Sacramento, CA), Jim Bonadonna (Poughkeepsie, NY), Raymond Gregory (Marquette, MI), Nancy Burke (Dallas, TX), and Margen Burke-Karr (Missouri City, TX),

Danny just called to let us know that they are about to spend their second night in the river valley near Condoriri. And he says it is absolutely gorgeous!

They can see multiple glaciers from their camp and there are at least two crystal clear lakes in the vicinity...but they don't think they'll be taking a dip soon. It is only 2 degrees Celsius and they are at approximately 14,000 feet.

The nights have been beautiful and clear. They expect it to get even colder tonight.

They are currently preparing dinner and it sounds like it's going to be good. They plan on having soup and steak.

The trek is currently being assisted by mules, burros and horses. And soon enough they will be going into the Condoriri basecamp with llamas as well. So, they will be using pretty much every four-legged animal around to assist on the trip.

Today the team passed by a new refugio that is currently unoccupied. It appears to be finished and looks like a Native American longhouse. Indeed, Danny said it looked better than most people's houses in La Paz. Perhaps they will use it on future trips!

There is one snafu to the trip. Margen doesn't think Alasdair and Danny are funny. So they keep cracking jokes and working on her. They figure that she'll like their jokes sooner or later!

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