Sunday, June 13, 2010

Denali Team 5 - Dispatch #2

Denali Team 5: June 13–July 3

Guides: Paul Ivaska, Richard Riquelme, Kristen Looper
Apprentice: Andrew Yasso

Climbers: Walt, Ann, and Luke Hampton (Canton, Connecticut), Caitriona Strain (Burnfoot, Ireland), Brendan McDyer (Glenties, Ireland), Skye O'Donnell (Sydney, Australia), Colin Stalnecker (Chicago, Illinois), Ryan Derrigan (Rickmansworth, England), and Stephen Williams (Oxon, United Kingdom)

Andrew called on Sunday the 13th at 3:18pm with the following update:

"Hey guys. This is Andrew again 2:20 local time. Since I last called, we just got word we are flying out. We split into two teams for two planes. The first one got loaded up started taxing down the runway but got called back because fog just rolled into basecamp. They can’t see the Kahiltna Icefall which is a key indicator of what pilots are going to see or not see. So we’re going to do a little more waiting. That’s the news."

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