Thursday, May 13, 2010

Denali Team 1 - Dispatch #9

Denali Team 1: May 2-22, 2010

Guides: Forest McBrian and Mike Pond

Climbers: Rob Gribbin, Deke Williams, Jens Rabbels, Krushnaa Patil, Chris Shumate

Wednesday, May 13; 12:49 pm

Office: Hi Forest! What’s new? Last time we talked, you mentioned something about dinosaurs…

Forest: Ah yes! Well, it seems we have a peace treaty among the factions…

Office: Well, how are the conditions up there?

Forest: We have another haiku for you!

Office: Another one?

Forest: Yes. Ready?

Winter in summer

Magical Alaska storms
Let’s eat some bacon

Office: Beautiful. Has the group been productive?

Forest: Yes. Yesterday we put a cache up at 16,200 ft. The cache is at top of our fixed lines. The lines up the headwall are on solid blue ice, though.

Office: Is that good or bad?

Forest: It just makes it challenging!

Office: And how is everyone doing?

Forest: Everyone’s in good spirits – Eating, drinking well. Everyone is doing exceptionally well. We’ve haven’t given out any prescription drugs to anyone! No colds, no altitude problems. Nothing! Mike says "hi" to his mom. Now we're just waiting for good weather. The forecast looks a little funky but we’re keeping our fingers crossed!

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1 comment:

ranjana patil said...

Hi, Forest, So the storm is still keeping you all from climbing further high....hows my Krushnaa doing? Hope she is fine and healthy... best of luck to all the team members and guides....Any new pictures of the recent team??Eager to see Krushnaa climbing McKinley.....