Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Denali Team 2 - Dispatch #5

Denali Team 2: May 16 - June 5, 2010

Guides: Paul Ivaska, Chantel Astorga, Kevin Hogan

Climbers: John McQueston, Nick Pearce, Sarah Nelson, Roger Woolett, Simon James, Max Bouev, Jeff Marks, Alex Roetter, Mark Michelin

AAI Guide Kevin Hogan called at 1:40pm PST with the following dispatch:

We’re currently at 14,000 feet. Yesterday we made a carry and cache to 16,100 feet and it worked out well. The fixed lines worked out great. Today is a rest day. Tomorrow we plan on making our move to 17,200 feet to high camp.

Chantel says hello.

The weather outlook for the next few days looks favorable, so it looks like we will have an admirable shot at the summit. Keep the mojo flowing for us.

A few messages to our family and friends:

Simon: Just wants to say hi to Karin.

Sarah: Wants Outward Bound to know they are rocking the electric feel.

Roger: Wants the world to know this is his quote: “tomorrows work out of the day, three thousand feet in 3/4 mile”.

Kevo: Says hi to Bob Gerry, and his mom.

That’s all for now.


TallTails said...

Hey Si,
How is the altitude feeling? Any headaches this time, or is Max taking care of you? Fingers crossed for good weather if you push for high camp tomorrow then summit after that. Sounds like the other teams doing well, so hope it holds out for Team 2 also! I miss you

Unknown said...

Please tell Alex that his parents, sister and brother and everyone back home is thrilled to hear how well everything is going, stay safe, have fun, and we can't wait to see the pixtures, lots of love from your "Biggest Fans"

Anonymous said...

To Roger: Not sure if the entire TKO class can collectively climb 3000 ft in .75 miles but we will certainly try in your honor. -Rob

Roaming Bobcat said...

Good luck team 2!
Sending you good climbing mojo from White Saddle, B.C. where we're still stranded by weather. Waddington must wait, but at least I get to say Hi. Hi Babe. XOX.

ciaoamy said...

For Alex: It was so great to talk to you yesterday! I'll be thinking of you guys as you attempt to summit tomorrow or Saturday. We'll all doing the "happy dance" to keep the sun shining for you. Be safe and have fun. xo amy

Mom said...

Mom said...
Hi Sarah!
Sounds like you will have good weather all the way to the top. We know you can do it!
Be strong!
Luv ya

Anonymous said...

For simon hi and hugs from charlie, joseph,mark and mum. We are praying for you all to get good mountain mojo. Xx