Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Denali Team 3 - Dispatch #4

Denali Team 3: May 23 - June 12, 2010

Guides: Angela Seidling, Alaina Robertson

Climbers: Paul Rose, Joan Clofent, Paul Watkins, Carol Masheter, Simon Boaz, Bob Sullivan

Wednesday, May 26, 5:16 pm Pacific Standard Time

Lead Guide Angela Seidling called and left this message: We moved to Camp 2 today and are currently in the process of building camp. But…we’re on the 45 minute break system, so we had some soup, hot drinks, and garlic bread. We still have a lot of work to do at camp, so that will keep us busy for the rest of the day.

It’s another glorious day here…

Did you figure out the team names? The Foxes and The Hounds? Well, I’ll tell you! As you're probably very well aware, there are not many mixed teams up here in Denali. However, our team actually has a pretty balanced ratio of men to women….hence, the names!

However, once we decided on this name, some people didn’t want to conform to these gender specific roles so we decided to let everyone choose their category in the end! Haha! We're holding off on more team names until later.

Here are some shout outs:

Simon: Mom, Dad, Melissa, Kenzie, Allysa, Hazen, and Kalven: I send my love and no sauerkraut.

Bob: Steph, Tilly, and Vin: My toilet seat is colder than yours but the view is way better!

Paul R: Send my love to Lisa, Calvin, and Aidan.

Alaina: Hi to mom and dad! I don’t smell that bad yet, send my love to Kelly. I’m think about bacon every day…

Carol: Tell my sister Linda, I love you. To my office mates and my sangha yoga class: “AAAHHHOOOO!!!

Paul W: To my wife Ilona AND WHO WON SURVIVOR????

John: We have a wonderful group!

Ok, that’s it!


George said...

Hi Alaina from Mom and Dad. Bacon! I have bacon! Mom's still in Florida... Trying to get my brain around the Team Name thing - Globe Trotters?

Ilona Watkins said...

Love you Paul! Final 3 was Russell, Parvarti & Sandra. Who do you think? Sandra won the million. Russell was again very angry.. Xo

Granny said...

Hey, much love from your Mama! Holding down the fort here and keeping track on the blog. No cold seats here -- in the 80's outside.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bob! Thanks for the "toilet" news. Everyone was wanting to know.
Love, Dad

mom and dad said...

Hi Simon...glad all is well, hope you are staying warm. Don't know who Melissa is but I hope your girlfriend Holly understands! Miss and stay safe...

George said...

Alaina: Happy Happy Birthday. Can't wait to get that bacon on... Love Doo, Moo and Boo